Are We Live Yet?

If you’re reading this message, thank you!

Along with the relaunch of my brand, K. Reed Digital, I’m laying it ALL OUT THERE as I am transparent in growing an audience, creating compelling content and analyzing the HECK out of my data WITH YOU.

Inner Keisha: Keisha, you are CRAZY?! You mean to tell me that you are giving it ALL AWAY?

Yes. I. AM.

I’ll be building a brand FROM SCRATCH, creating new content across various channels and sharing it all with you.

But Keisha? How will you make money?

Influencers, bloggers and online marketing professionals make money in different ways. You’ve gotta stick around and follow the journey.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering – I want to make money, 10x more than I did in 2016, in the next 12 months. Why? I’ll explain in a future post

No. Really. You don’t want to miss this.

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So, if you skipped to the end – #nojudgement. I’ve done the same thing as well.

Here’s the tl;dr:

-I’ve relaunched my brand, K. Reed Digital is here!

-Over the next year, follow along with me as I craft a brand from start to finishing using tested tools and techniques that EVERYONE recommends and ditches 30 days later.

– Be sure to sign up for the #digitaltribe emails, it’s like that great show you binge-watched last week (The Carmichael’s anyone?)

-I may or may not be offering a cool giveaway – rhymes with fricklespear LOL. Just wait on it.

You can’t beat me in Just Dance Now #FACTS


Thanks for all the love and support – I’ll catch you every Saturday here or in your inbox with the latest!